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The DERUI DRUK-6 is a mini underground truck with a 6 Ton capacity built to offer the flexible mobility necessary in narrow-vein mining conditions. This mining truck carries high payloads for its weight and is maneuverable and quick on inclines. This 1.5 metre articulated underground four-wheel drive dump truck is easily manoeuvrable in confined areas and well suited for narrow- vein mining and tight construction tunnels.
Основные технические характеристики

Various Engine options: DEUTZ BF4L914 (air cooled, high altitude)

DEUTZ D914L04 (air cooled)

DEUTZ BF4M1013EC (liquid cooled, high altitude)

Drive Train: DANA  RT1201FT20321

Axle: KESSEL D71 axle or MERITOR (China factory made)

Brake: SAHR at all wheel ends

Top brands hydraulic components: PARKER, REXROTH

Exhaust system: Various top brands

MAX drive train

DRUK-6                            DANA RT1201FT20321

MAX power train

DRUK-6                             The DEUTZ BF4L914

MAX speed

DRUK-6                             The KESSEL D71


+ Designed for reliability

The DRUK-6 has been designed for reliability and long component life, including the following features:

• High power to weight ratio assures fast tramming up steep ramps

• Spacious operator compartment is ergonomically designed for maximum visibility and bi-directional tramming, and yes, traditional front-seat a optional,

The optional cabin provides comfort to the operator with low noise level, spring suspended seat operator can safely control and monitor all machine functions at a glance. Control joysticks or steering wheel are open choices for customers.


• Robust power train components for lower maintenance cost

• Rear-view camera is optional and monitor for driver assistance and safety


• Top brands key component ensure the main performance


+ Designed for ease of maintenance

The DRUK-6 includes several key features that reduce maintenance times and costs, including:

· Ground-level maintenance design to eliminate climbing, total height of the DRUK-6 can be adjusted from 1.65meter to 1.85 or 2.0 meter.

· Centralized service points and modular design allow for fast service access and quick repair, Primary service points on the DRUK-6 are easily accessible to make daily inspections and regular checks quick and hassle-free.


+ Designed for productivity

The DRUK-6 has been designed to provide the highest possible productivity in its class:

· Combines power and efficiency to provide fast tramming speeds and cycle times, with impressive breakout power

· Easy-to-use controls are simple to train and simple to operate

· Rugged structures and heavy-duty components increase equipment uptime

· rapid clean discharge dump box with 60° dumping angle.


Mr. D.P.John International sales director