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  • DRWJ-0.6
  • DRWJ-0.6
  • DRWJ-0.6
  • DRWJ-0.6
  • DRWJ-0.6


The DRWJ-0.6 is the smallest LHD in the DERUI portfolio and is designed for extremely narrow veins and narrow section. The machine is worldwide proven in hard rock mines as well as in tunneling operations. Despite the small dimensions, the DRWJ-0.6 provides an ergonomically designed cabin and a good visibility.
Its modern transmission and components result in a high reliability with simple maintenance and fully safe operation.
With a width of 1100 to 1160 m and a tramming capacity of 1.2 tonnes, the DRWJ-0.6 is ideal to raise your productivity without the need of increasing your gallery sections.
The DRWJ-0.6 is full of features to help mines maximize tonnes and minimize extraction costs. It has been engineered to optimize machine width, length and turning radius. DRWJ-0.6 can reduce cost per tonne by up to 36% thanks to its reduced operating width and larger capacity compared to other loaders in the same size class.
With the safety design, we have moved the operator further away from falling rocks during bucket loading. Improved visibility and powerful LED lights help reduce collision risk while ground-level daily maintenance reduces risk of slips, trips and falls. Enhanced ergonomics in the operator compartment keeps the operator more comfortable during the shift, enabling to focus on production.
With sustainable operation in mind, and to enable the use of DRWJ-0.6 in markets with low engine emission requirements, the new loader will be available with either a standard Tier 2 engine or a lower-emission Tier 4 engine in the future.
Основные технические характеристики

Exhaust system: Various top brands of catalytic system (DOC).

ESC Canada associate standard.

Various Engine options: DEUTZ BF4L914 (high altitude)/ F4L914/D914L04

YANMAR 4TNY98 series (liquid cooled)

Drive Train: DANFOSS or LINDE hydrostatic pump&motor

Axle: DERUI OEM brand, made in China

Brake: SAHR through the hydrostatic transmission

Customized buckets optimized for hard rock available

Top brands hydraulic components: Famous name brands

Remote control system: optional

Exhaust system: Various top brands of catalytic purifier / muffler

Such like DONALSON, MAN, Trunett Environmental

MAX power train

DRWJ-0.6                             The DEUTZ BF4L914  

MAX drive train

DRWJ-0.6                             Top Hydrostatic Components

MAX speed

DRWJ-0.6                             Heavy-Duty Designed OEM Axles


Ergonomic operator seat with seat belt


Simple single-pass loading improves productivity

DRWJ-0.6 DRWJ-0.6 DRWJ-0.6

Outstanding manoeuvrability is achieved by the excellent steering angle of the robust articulation joint which allows oscillation of the frame to balance undulating roadways. This layout results in optimum weight distribution on all four wheel and the rear frame is protected against torsional force. Small envelope size and turning radius enable easy navigation in narrow veins.



Easy access to well-protected service points facilitates daily maintenance.

Low operating weight reduces fuel consumption and extends tire life.


Standard DRWJ-0.6 working in East Europe.

DRWJ-0.6 DRWJ-0.6

DRWJ-0.6 DRWJ-0.6

Mr. D.P.John International sales director