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Подземные погрузчики DRWJ-3 - это надежный 6,5-тонный LHD. Прочная трансмиссия и высокая грузоподъемность упрощают загрузку подземных грузовиков. Это дизельная сверхмощная машина, предназначенная для самых тяжелых условий эксплуатации. DRWJ-3 предназначен для отверстий малого и среднего размера для погрузочно-разгрузочных работ. Точки обслуживания легко доступны, что делает ежедневное обслуживание быстрым, безопасным и эффективным.
Основные технические характеристики

Various Engine options: DEUTZ BF6M1013EC (165KW) / VOLVO TAE850

Series (160KW) Euro Stage III A

Drive Train: DANA 32000 series gearbox + C273 series torque converter

Axle: DANA 16D

Brake: Multi disk spring brake (SAHR)

Customized buckets optimized for hard rock available

Ejector bucket: available

Top brands hydraulic components: PARKER, REXROTH

Central lubrication system: (optional)

Remote control system: (optional)

Exhaust system: Various top brands of catalytic purifier / muffler

Full enclosed cab with A/C, heater system is optional

MAX power train

DRWJ-3                             The Volvo TAD850 / 851  

MAX drive train

DRWJ-3                             The DANA 32000  

MAX speed

DRWJ-3                             The DANA 16D


● Beside a favourable cylinder arrangement for easy maintenance the kinematik system offers high

break-out force, large dumping height and reach as well as optimum dumping angle.


●  Easy accessible hydraulic component, easy service

●  Adjustable center hinge, low maintenance requirement

●  Hardened pins in steel bushings with bronze hearings, long lasting and easy to replace


● Thanks for the high lifting capacity, loading sensing hydraulic.


The comfortable cabin with luxury seat and MICO pedal system to maximize the leg room;ergonomic control, unpaired visibility; Ergonomic multifunction joysticks; comfortable suspended seat.

Spacious driver's cabin with ample legroom, ergonomically correct driver' seat arrangement for easy operation

and control of all functions, and best visibility in both travelling directions.

Great safety in every working phase of the loader is achieved by the driver's position which provides virtually

unimpeded all-round visibility, thus allowing the operator to see all his colleagues in the working area.

Easy entry and exit. The entry port is secured by a lattice gate during travelling. Protection of driver by standard

canopy or closed cabin.


Outstanding manoeuvrability is achieved by the excellent steering angle of the robust articulation

joint which allows oscillation of the frame to balance undulating roadways. This layout result in

optimum weight of distribution on all four wheel and the rear frame is protected against torsional forces.

DRWJ-3● Original DANA axle with robust tyre options.
DRWJ-3● Extremely hard material such like HARDOX blade for bucket blades
Mr. D.P.John International sales director